Trudy Berry for Delegate
Virginia House District 61

Virginia’s House District 61 (HD61) is located in south central Virginia. HD61 includes the counties of Amelia, Cumberland, Lunenburg (part), Mecklenburg, and Nottoway. HD61 is a rural district.

HD61 has been represented by a Republican since 1994. It has been represented by a man since at least 1948. It is time to change that. Elect me as HD61 Delegate in 2021 to be the first Democrat in 27 years and the first woman in 73 years.

As a State Delegate, I will represent all people of HD61 and work to protect our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

– Trudy Berry

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Let’s work together for equality and justice.

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We have the right to have clean air, water, and chemical-free food

Rural Virginia’s landscape and environment are being destroyed by landfills and pipelines. We need solar and wind energy sources, not more fracking and out-of-state trash. We need biodegradable packaging materials, genuine recycling efforts, and non-lethal pesticides. We have one earth, and we must protect it and its natural resources for our own survival.

A thriving economy is necessary to a quality life

Rural Virginia needs jobs that pay a living wage and benefits. Reliable access to the Internet and cell phone service is necessary for businesses, employees, and students to succeed. This infrastructure as well as available housing and improved roadways and bridges are necessary to bring commerce to Rural Virginia.

We have the right to a quality education

Rural Virginia’s schools need equitable funding to ensure our students receive the same tools and opportunities to obtain a quality education for success as students in more affluent areas. We need to fund diverse programs and curricula in the arts and labor fields to encourage students to find their passion and to be able to embark on the career path of their choice.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

Rural Virginia needs readily accessible and affordable medical treatment facilities, access to affordable prescriptions, and more services to treat substance abuse and mental health issues.

Funding for Rural Virginia to ensure equal treatment under the law and equal access to education, employment and housing opportunities, affordable healthcare, and reliable Internet and cell phone service is not socialism. It is Social Justice.







Let’s work together to make the changes we want in our community.

Trudy Berry

Trudy Berry