In-person early voting in Virginia for the June 18 Primary Election began on May 3. The 5th Congressional District has three great Democrats on the ballot: Gloria Tinsley Witt, Paul Riley, and Gary Terry.

Voting is our right, but it is not guaranteed. Overly conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices have overturned Roe v Wade – a precedent set by an earlier Court and untouched by succeeding Justices until now – and taken our fundamental rights out of our hands and put them in the hands of the states. Since then, extreme state legislatures have passed and continue to pass anti-rights and anti-freedom laws that hinder and infringe upon our basic individual liberties that should be protected under the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This is blatant government overreach.

These extreme laws are being passed by surrounding states and states all across our nation by Republican-majority state legislatures, and Congressional Republicans want to make these extreme anti-rights and anti-freedom laws the laws of the land. We cannot allow this to happen in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have what might be our last opportunity to protect our rights and freedoms, to protect democracy itself, from these extremists. Voting is our only way to protect our individual and fundamental rights and freedoms. This is why voting is so important. This is why voting in the 2024 elections is so critical.

You may not agree with how President Biden is handling some issues, but you cannot deny that he is and always will uphold our rights, freedoms, and individual liberties from autocrats, fascists, and dictators. Our 5th District Congressman, Bob Good, is one of the extremist conservatives who has voted against protecting our rights, freedoms, and individual liberties.

Every election matters. Every vote counts. Don’t sit out the 2024 Primary and General Elections. Your vote is your voice. If you value your rights, freedoms, and liberties, then speak up: Vote.