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Educational Opportunities

Education is the foundation upon which a thriving economy is built. College prep courses and hands-on trades skills training, with the opportunity to work as a paid apprentice as part of the work co-op program, should be included as a part of junior and senior high school grade classes.


Economic Opportunities

A strong job market is the link between education and a thriving economy. Rural communities need local jobs to allow people to work where they live. Using paid apprentices to build affordable small homes/cottages expands employment opportunities in the trades, decreases the number of homeless, and further strengthens the economy and improves overall health.


Access to Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right. The government has no business being in our doctors’ offices. Healthcare is between medical provider and patient. Access to affordable healthcare within rural communities is an imperative.


Environmental Protections

A clean environment sustains life. Access to clean air and water is a human right.  We are the stewards of this land, and we must act responsibly. Industrial toxins adversely affect all living creatures – humans, animals, and plants.

November 2023

This year, all 140 Virginia representatives – 100 Delegates and 40 Senators – are up for election. This is your opportunity to elect a woman, for the first time, to represent you in the newly drawn Senate District 9. This is a historic election year when women’s equality and reproductive rights – human rights – are being denied. Not only do we risk losing women’s rights, but also LGBTQ+ and workers’ rights if the incumbent is re-elected. Your vote counts when you vote. Make your vote count: Vote.






Berry for Senator

Trudy Berry