It’s the Economy
Human Rights
Equality and Justice

Communities will benefit from a thriving economy when everyone can exercise their rights and have equal education, jobs, healthcare, and home ownership opportunities.

Register to Vote

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Educational Opportunities

Education is the foundation of a skilled workforce. When people can work, they rely less on public assistance and can better afford their living expenses, such as housing and healthcare.


Economic Opportunities

The key to a thriving economy is jobs. Expanding business opportunities in rural communities allows people to work where they live. Employment opportunities that pay well and offer paid leave and paid apprenticeships strengthen the economy and lead to a healthier population.


Access to Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right. Protecting healthcare for all, expanding the base of medical and dental providers in rural communities, and keeping costs of healthcare affordable will allow people to get preventive care that will help them stay healthier longer.


Environmental Protections

We have the right to a healthy life. We must protect our land and natural resources that provide us with clean air, water, and the ability to produce healthy foods. We must utilize environmentally friendly practices such as R4 – Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

Your Right to Vote

Every vote counts. Your vote is your voice, so raise your voice. Black men struggled, and women struggled, fighting for their right to vote. Honor them and their suffering by voting in every election.






Berry for Senator

Trudy Berry