Trudy Berry
for Virginia House of Delegates

This photo was taken at the 2021 post-election retreat, hosted by Rural GroundGame. They are an invaluable resource for Democratic candidates, campaigns, and committees in Rural Virginia. Please help them continue to provide services and support by donating at Rural GroundGame.

Keeping Democracy Alive

A cornerstone of our democracy is voting rights. Democrats passed laws expanding voting rights to make it easier for every citizen to vote, but the new Republican majority in the State House is proposing bills to rescind those laws. If you don’t want to vote 45 days early or on a Sunday or vote absentee or place your ballot in a drop box, then don’t; but don’t take away that right from those who want – or need – to. Voting in any of these manners hurts no one, but making it harder for people to vote – so they won’t vote – infringes upon their constitutional right.
Photo by Mandy Lanoue

Environmental Justice

We have a right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat non-toxic food. We must be good caretakers of our natural resources and utilize environmentally friendly practices throughout the Commonwealth.

Economic Justice

The key to a thriving economy is jobs. People live in rural communities, and they need local jobs. They need nearby businesses to employ them and to fulfill their food, clothing, medical, and other needs.

Education Equality

Education is the best weapon. The way out of poverty, the path to a better democracy, and the road to equality and justice is education. Students in low income communities deserve the same high quality education as those in higher income communities.

Healthcare Equality

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Medical treatment must remain a decision made between patient and doctor. No discriminatory distinction should be made between female and male patient.

Let’s all work together for the good of all, not just for some.







We must keep moving forward. To do that, we must keep voting. Every vote counts. We must make sure that every eligible person is allowed to vote.

Trudy Berry

Trudy Berry