Super Tuesday has come and gone.  It looks like we are in for another Biden – Trump ticket.  This may be the most important election of our lifetime because we could lose our democracy if we don’t get out and vote for Biden since Trump has stated that he will be a Dictator for a Day.  Like the old Lays potato chip commercial – bet you can’t eat just one – I bet Trump can’t be a dictator for just one day.  Even if he could, imagine the damage he can do in just one day that can’t be undone unless and until the Republican party of today can be disbanded and rebranded.

The very core of our democracy is rights and freedoms – for everyone, not just one or some.  At the heart of this Presidential election is women’s rights and freedoms.  Since the U.S. Supreme Court reversed their Roe v Wade decision and gave it back to the states to regulate abortion, Republican legislature after Republican legislature has passed laws banning abortion (some with no exception for rape) and have even gone to the extreme as to charge women and their medical providers with murder – even in cases of miscarriage – and to ban women from traveling to other states for their reproductive healthcare.  And that wasn’t good enough for Republicans – they have since gone after contraceptives and IVF. This is an outright attack on women’s rights to choose their own healthcare and to decide when they want to start a family.  Make no mistake about it: these laws apply to every woman whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, or other political association. Every woman eligible to vote must vote for her rights and freedoms as well as those of her daughters and granddaughters and nieces.

This Presidential election is between Democracy and Autocracy – individual rights and freedoms against government interference.  It is our duty to fight for and protect Democracy.  We do that by voting. Our vote is our voice. Speak up for Democracy.