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I’m running for the Virginia District 9 Senate seat so that, as a Senator, I can work to protect our human rights and improve the economy of rural Virginia by legislating for equality and justice for all.

Those are not just words – equality and justice for all. Those are states of being. Everyone should feel, and be, equal when it comes to having opportunities for a better future. Education, jobs, and healthcare must be provided in our rural communities equally with urban and suburban communities.

Everyone should feel they are, and be, treated equally in our criminal justice system. No person of color should be given less leniency for the same crimes committed by white persons. Justice must be given without regard to religion, race, ethnicity, sex, or gender identity.

Environmental justice must be considered to protect our rural communities against companies that destroy local environments and do nothing to improve local economies. The economy is not filling government coffers and letting people die of starvation or from the lack of housing and healthcare. A strong economy provides jobs with steady incomes so people can pay their living expenses.

As a Senator, I will serve with honesty and integrity. I will not spread lies and disinformation. The lack of honesty and integrity in government is running rampant and causing violence. Citizens have lost much of their trust in their representatives, and I want to change that.

My votes on legislation will be based on its merits, not on which political party introduces it. To get my yea vote, legislation must protect human rights and civil liberties, and benefit people over corporations. It is possible, and is a must, to support business as well as workers; to support law enforcement as well as civil rights. My votes on legislation will do that.


I was born and raised in Michigan. I did live in California when in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force after high school graduation and worked as a Legal Services Specialist.

Michigan is my home state, but I also lived in California, Hawai’i, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and the Philippines. I have lived in Virginia since 1990 and in Lunenburg County since 1998.

My work experience includes the military, civil service, private sector, and retail. My volunteer work has been with church, PTA, homeowners’ association, Cub Scouts, Brownie Girl Scouts, Friends of the Library, and Chamber of Commerce.

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