My focus has always been on giving the people a representative who will work on the issues important to them. Running for office never crossed my mind until I started talking about how I didn’t feel that my concerns were important to my representatives, and the feedback I received was that others felt the same way and they wanted new representatives.

Comparing my experiences with those of the people I spoke with, indicated that we all want the same things: to be able to afford our living expenses, for our children to have a quality education, and to have access to affordable healthcare.

This is how I lay out my platform:

– Jobs
– Wages
– Paid Apprenticeships
– Taxes

– Safe and healthy school buildings
– Teacher and Staff pay
– Student Breakfast and Lunch
– Trades training

– Well-equipped local medical facilities
– Affordable treatment
– Lower insurance costs
– Clean environment

Better Living
– Equal opportunities
– Safe and affordable housing
– Criminal Justice reform
– Reduced gun violence