Updated on December 12, 2018.


We need to encourage broadband and cell phone companies to provide communications to all Virginia residents. This means every household in rural Virginia should have access to the Internet and cell phone service, not just those living in cities and towns and not just in schools and government offices.

Communications access will encourage companies to set up their businesses in our small towns and countryside and provide jobs in our rural communities.

We need to support our local schools, colleges, and universities in providing a skilled workforce for these companies and encourage current business owners to offer internships, apprecenteships, and on-the-job training.

We need a living wage, equal pay for equal work, and paid benefits for every employee regardless of the number of hours worked per week. Employers can pro-rate vacation and sick days.

We need job security that unions and the abolishment of At Will policies will provide to a skilled workforce. Right to Work policies do not prohibit the establishment of unions, they merely state that a union cannot require that an employer refuse to hire someone who does not want to join an established company union and a newly established company union cannot require that an employer fire an employee who does not want to join the union. In other words: joining a union is optional and getting or keeping a job is not dependent on union membership.

We need to establish a fair income tax rate and abolish usury credit card interest rates.

The bottom line is that employed workers and living wages increase the tax base and decrease the need for government assistance.

Trudy Berry

Trudy Berry