A healthy, well-educated society contributes to a strong and thriving economy.

The Right-to-Work law unfairly favors businesses over workers. It allows employers to pay low wages and reduce work hours to keep from paying full-time benefits. This is felt more strongly in rural communities where jobs are scarce and transportation to larger work centers is limited or non-existent. It has created a workforce that is dependent on public assistance for basic living expenses.

Rural Virginia needs a revitalization of small businesses that offer fair wages and benefits. Businesses need a skilled workforce and affordable high-speed broadband. Workers need affordable housing and affordable high-speed broadband at home.

A healthy rural economy needs a strong agricultural, healthcare, and education system. It needs a healthy environment free from the toxins of fossil fuel and waste disposal operations.

Virginia can be #1 for workers as well as businesses, if more jobs are available in local rural communities and workers are protected through workplace safety policies and procedures and paid fair wages and benefits. As the Covid recovery period has shown us, when workers can’t, or won’t, show up, businesses shut down.

Trudy Berry

Trudy Berry