Education is the way out of poverty.

Education is the foundation of democracy. It is the road to equality and justice. It leads to innovation and invention. Rural students have the same right to a high-quality education as those in other parts of the Commonwealth. They need affordable high-speed broadband at home to not only succeed, but to excel.

There is more to education than the ABCs and the three Rs. Students need to be introduced to the arts (vocal and instrumental music, theater, painting/drawing) and skilled vocations (auto and wood shop, plumbing, electronics, cooking, and sewing) as well as to have the opportunity for after-school sports and special interest clubs (technology, journalism, politics, business).

Schools should be fully and equitably funded. Required supplies and materials – beyond paper, pencil, and binder – should be funded by the schools, not families. Teacher pay should be increased to at least the national average to reduce turnover. 

Trudy Berry

Trudy Berry