Education is the foundation of a healthy, self-sustaining society.

All of our children deserve a top-notch public-school education. They have a fundamental right to that education. They have a right to be taught inside safe school buildings that are free of mold and mildew and leaking roofs. They have a right to be taught inside classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology. They have a right to be provided, free of charge, all the materials – beyond a binder, notebook paper, pen, pencil, eraser – that are required by the school.

A well-rounded education that includes the arts, skilled trades, athletics, and field trips for rural students to expand their experience to things that are more readily available in urban and suburban areas, creates a diverse workforce ready to contribute to build a healthy economy.

To achieve the goal of a highly educated society, we must fully and equitably fund each public school system and provide affordable high-speed broadband in every household so that every student has an equal opportunity to learn, work, and succeed.

Trudy Berry

Trudy Berry