2023 Endorsements

You are welcome to endorse my campaign – and I would appreciate your endorsement – but I am not asking or applying for endorsements this election cycle. My goal is to represent the constituents of Virginia’s Senate District 9, make sure their voices are heard, and make them matter all year long. My commitment to fight for them, for their human rights, equality, and justice is steadfast regardless of endorsements.

I am committed to advocating to:

  • Elect Democratic women
  • Elect Democratic women of color
  • Protect women’s rights
  • Protect LGBTQIA+ rights
  • Protect access to affordable reproductive healthcare
  • Protect workers’ rights
  • Protect agricultural and forestry producers 
  • Serve and care for our veterans
  • Protect and take care of our senior citizens
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Eliminate the car tax
  • Eliminate sales tax on purchase of used vehicles
  • Eliminate property tax
  • Eliminate the entire grocery tax
  • Eliminate real estate tax
  • Eliminate corporate extortion
  • Replace taxes on individuals with taxes on large corporations



Berry for Senator

Trudy Berry