Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Healthcare is a matter of economic and social justice. Low wages, no job or health insurance, no transportation – especially public transportation in rural Virginia – and no nearby healthcare provider prevent many people from receiving healthcare. Going to work while sick jeopardizes the health of co-workers as well as increases our risk of becoming more ill.

We need to increase the number of physical and mental healthcare providers in rural Virginia. We need to expand Medicaid eligibility for Medicare recipients by increasing the income level from 80% of the poverty level to at least 125% to help poverty level senior citizens better afford their healthcare.

We need to stop legislators and insurers from making healthcare decisions for the public. Healthcare decisions – all healthcare decisions, including reproductive and gender healthcare decisions – are between patients and their licensed, practicing healthcare providers and families.

Healthcare accessibility and affordability for all ensures a healthier society, and a healthy society improves the economy.

Trudy Berry

Trudy Berry