Here’s a Viewpoint article by Mary Hatch that appeared in the April 13, 2022, issue of the Mecklenburg Sun titled “Standing fast“.

Why I voted for Biden and why I still stand by him

1. First reason – I knew Biden would be a president that would work to unite America again. Biden has a long history of working well with politicians on both sides of the aisle and knows how to delegate to the best people. During Trump’s reign, I don’t remember the country being so divided since the 1960s when there was constant civil unrest. We need a unifying president.

2. Second reason – I knew if anyone could get the much-needed infrastructure bill passed, Biden could do it with his persistence, delegating to the right people for help, and crossing the aisle. He knew this bill could create jobs, rebuild our bridges, airports, and roads and at the same time teach apprentices skills to help offset the 5 million deficit of skilled labor since senior tradespeople are retiring.

3. Third reason – I knew Biden could “Make America Respectable Again” to the rest of the world – to NATO and the European Union because he listens, negotiates, and acts like an adult. Biden understands we are not an island unto ourselves — we need our allies. As members of NATO, we share critical intelligence and strategize among the member nations to set up lines of negotiations between the invader and invaded. NATO as a team decides when to step in with warring countries and when to use tough and crippling sanctions as a team to stop an aggressor. Biden united the Democrats and 97 percent of the Republicans in his decisions regarding Ukraine.

4. Fourth reason – I knew Biden was soliciting the best and brightest judges that would respect our civil liberties and make sure every American had a fair trial when going to court. This means: an unbiased judge, no illegal court procedures, and evidence taken from both sides. Trump had fired some of the greatest judges who protected the rights of the middle class, one of them being the Honorable Vanita Gupta, who was reinstated by Biden.

5. Fifth reason – I was worried about the reduction of social security by Mitch McConnell after reading an article in Newsweek Oct 16, 2018. Per the article, “Senate Majority Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell, stated the only way to lower the record-high deficit would be to cut entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and social security.” And during the rest of Trump’s term, the subject of cuts was continually raised along with a next cut – Affordable Health Care Act. I knew at that point, I had to become involved in campaigning for the Democrats because I could not allow any cuts to my own Social Security and Medicare. Mitch McConnell stated that it had to be done because of the large deficit the nation was burdened with. What was interesting is the Republicans created a worse deficit because they had given the biggest tax cut in U.S. history to the ultra-rich and worse, the seniors were supposed to cut their benefits which they paid into during their working years to offset the deficit. I knew Biden would protect our Social Security because it had been a landmark bill initiated by the Democratic Party in 1935 during the Great Depression. Social Security and unemployment insurance were signed into law in 1935 by President Roosevelt with a vote in the senate of 284 Democrats to 81 Republicans. Medicare was also a cornerstone of the Democratic Party and introduced by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 and voted into law – Democrats Senate 237 and Republicans 48.

6. Biden is a true patriot. I could never even imagine Biden saying what Trump said when being interviewed February 22, 2022 and asked what he thought of Putin invading Ukraine. Per the Washington Post, Trump said many times, “It’s smart and savvy and genius.” Side note: Ukraine’s independence was established in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved. Ukraine set their nation up as a republic like the U.S. They have a constitution, vote for their legislators and Presidents as we do. They are comprised of 27 states. And it just so happens, Ukraine owns 5% of all the world’s mineral deposits in the eastern region of Ukraine (which Putin would like to annex). The invasion was not “smart and savvy” – it was and is egregious and about power, and resources. 10 million Ukrainians are displaced and over $100 billion in their infrastructure destroyed. I knew Biden’s loyalties would always be with America and not with Russia as Trump appears to be. There is speculation according to ex-CIA Counterintelligence Officer Malcom Nance that Trump took 20 billion rubles from Putin prior to his campaign in 2016. Malcom Nance wrote a book called, “The Plot to Destroy Democracy.” This is a well-documented book every American needs to read.

I know I made the right decision along with the majority of American Patriots who voted for Biden.