Here’s an, as of yet unpublished, article by Mary Hatch titled “True Christianity Versus What?”

I thought Trump holding his newly published Bible with the Constitution in the back of it was a joke with a look-a-like comedian doing a parody. It wasn’t. As a Christian, I was appalled and knew I had to speak out. Having read the Bible for years, neither Jesus nor our Founding Fathers would have condoned this.

Our Founding Fathers – Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Monroe – were Deist and adamant that religion be separate from government. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson knew that religion in government would lead to persecution as it had in England when Lutherans and Catholics were burned at the stake for their beliefs (Robert Boston’s book about separation of church and state). We see it now in how women’s rights have been stripped away since Roe v Wade was overturned and maternal death rates have increased in states that ban or restrict abortion (CNN 12/16/22). In some states, it is going to be illegal for a pregnant woman to divorce if she is abused (ACLU 10/20/23). What next? This is why our Founders inserted these 5 amendments to protect our personal freedoms and for the government to stay out of our bedrooms: Amendment 1 – establishment clause/wall of separation; Amendment 4 – right of privacy; Amendment 5 – liberty of conscience; Amendment 8 – no excessive bails or fines and imprisonment; Amendment 14 – not to deprive us of life and liberty.

I believe God would not condone Trump as a leader of our nation because, 1) he says that the Bible is his favorite book and has a lot of favorite verses, but in interviews he can’t quote any, and in an interview with Bloomberg, he stated that they are all great, but he doesn’t really like to share them with people, and 2) his deceased wife, Ivana, in an interview with Vanity Magazine in 2016, stated she never saw him read a Bible or go to church, that the only book he had on his nightstand was “Mein Kampf” by Hitler. There are many reasons he is not suitable as a leader of our nation: he espouses divisiveness, racism, and fear of Muslims, immigrants, people of color, and much of what the Bible says not to do.

I have not found one law he enacted to help the middle class, the poor, needy, widow, orphan, sojourner, immigrant, and justice at the gates (over 1,000 of these verses in the Bible). In fact, Trump is talking about doing away with the IRS which happens to collect our payroll taxes to fund our Social Security and Medicare. FDR enacted Social Security for the widows. This is just part of Trump’s plans which are laid out by the Heritage Group, an ultra-right think tank, joined by another 60 think tanks which spell out Project 2025. It guts and dismantles our whole US system and especially all entitlements. The Heritage Group has been working on dismantling Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and labor unions since the 80s. Biden made it clear in both State of the Union addresses that he will take executive action if anyone tries to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Regarding immigration, Trump wants to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants (VOM 11/11/23) and there could be persecution towards Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and any ethnic group he feels doesn’t belong. Deporting immigrants would be devastating to our economy. Laws aimed at deterring and stopping refugees and asylum seekers from entering the US go against international laws and our own laws. Asylum seekers have the right as long as they are in the US and go to a port of entry ( 7/1/22 and Vera Inst.) Most of our great grandparents were refugees and asylum seekers. Thank God, Ellis Island was welcoming to immigrants or I wouldn’t be here. As long as they did not have a disease and had a sponsor, they were processed within 3-5 hours. Over 12 million came between 1892 and 1920 with only a 3% deportation rate ( 8/24/23). America had a chronic labor shortage as we do now. Sidenote: they were not put in profitable detention camps as they are now (some waiting 1-4 years for a court hearing.) There are around 200 camps in America for profit. The main suppliers are Geo Group and Core Civic who gave generous amounts to Trump for his election in 2016 and millions to the GOP SuperPAC (CAP 6/28/18). Since Biden took office he has ended the contract with those 2 companies and their stock went down.

Let’s talk about Trump’s justice at the gates. When he first took office, he put in Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe v Wade and allowed states to strip away women’s rights, and who do not defend the Constitution as ardently as our Founders envisioned. Trump has created orphans: the Zero Tolerance Policy he enacted in 2018 was appalling and nothing Jesus would have approved. It was egregious to every nation in the world when 3,881 children were separated from their parents from 2017 to 2021; Trump apparently had no tracking system in place but 74% have been reunited – 2,176 before Biden’s task force was created and 689 afterwards. There are still 1,000 missing (AP news 2/22/23). I wonder how long Egypt would have lasted if the Holy Family had been separated at Egypt’s border while they were fleeing Herod’s soldiers and put in detention camps. The Bible has made it clear how a Christian leader needs to lead and act. In the New Testament, Titus, verse 1: The elders should be men who are of unquestionable integrity and irreproachable . . . not of being loose in morals and conduct of unruly and disorderly; verse 7: God’s steward must be blameless, not self-willed or arrogant. Must not be quick-tempered . . . must not be greedy for filthy lucre (financial gain); verse 8: But he must be hospitable . . . Especially to the strangers and foreigners. He must be a lover of goodness, sober minded, upright and fair minded, a devout man and religiously correct, temperate and keeping himself in hand; verse 10: For there are many disorderly and unruly men who are idle and misleading talkers and self-deceivers and deceivers of others; verse 11: Their mouths must be stopped, for they are mentally distressing and subverting whole families by teaching what they ought not to teach for the purpose of getting base advantage and disreputable gain (Titus, verses 1-11).

What I have found in researching Biden and his administration for over 3 years is that he has helped the middle class, poor, sojourner, immigrant and foreigner, widow, orphan, and justice at the gates by using his team of attorneys to fight all the injustices committed by Trump and his cohorts. Biden has many of the attributes of the above verses. This is the most critical election of our lifetime and we must not be fooled by a former president who will do anything to stay out of jail even if it means selling $400 gold sneakers and his own Bible that he never even read. This election is about preserving all of our freedoms, including our religions and their doctrines versus the Christian Nationalist doctrines and most importantly our souls and the soul of our nation. As citizens, we need to be informed and read Project 2025, the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation with input from 60 other think tanks that train the GOP. Read, be informed, and vote.